• Willing
  • Composed
  • Agreeable
  • Creative
  • Enthusiastic
  • Trusting
  • Outgoing
  • Accommodating
  • People Oriented
  • Helpful
  • Mature
  • Non-judgemental
  • Consultative

Word Picture

The descriptions below describe the Facilitator family and how I like to work.

Word Picture - a snapshot of me

  • I am sociable and have an outgoing, friendly manner and tend to build relationships easily
  • I like meeting new people and exchanging ideas
  • I often put other people’s interests ahead of my own
  • I am tolerant, understanding and a good listener
  • I can be seen as too relaxed and friendly for a business environment
  • I can appear to lack business focus, especially when I get caught up in people issues or a new idea

Team Contribution

How I contribute to a team

  • I will encourage others and promote involvement and teamwork
  • I like to get involved and really participate, and will encourage others to do the same
  • Others describe me as exciting and enthusiastic
  • I am free-thinking and am often described as creative
  • I often over commit and that can make me unreliable at times
  • I am excited by lots of new ideas, distracting me from finishing things off

I am motivated by

I am motivated by

  • Team membership
  • Exchanging and transferring information, whether idea sharing or training
  • Helping develop people and ideas and introducing change
  • Appealing to a sense of team spirit
  • Work which has meaning and value
  • Recognition for the things I do for others

Working with me

Working with me

  • Point out opportunities to represent and defend others’ interests
  • Warn me against taking on too much and sacrificing my own interests
  • Help me with prioritising to make sure I follow through what I’ve started
  • Watch for a tendency to get distracted and lose focus; I sometimes need to be kept on track
  • Show me your approval and as a valued and helpful member of the team
  • Encourage me to pursue a career that makes the most of my social skills and facilitation abilities

Family: Facilitator