• Agreeable
  • Composed
  • Accommodating
  • Creative
  • Considered
  • Realistic
  • Private
  • Willing
  • Business-like
  • Astute
  • Mature
  • Open-minded
  • Independent Thinking

Word Picture

The descriptions below describe the family and how I like to work.

Word Picture - a snapshot of me

  • I have a reserved, sometimes subdued style
  • I prefer the company of a select few
  • I prefer independence and autonomy; I’m happiest when left on my own to get on with things
  • I enjoy working on one clearly defined task at a time
  • As I am subdued, I can be overlooked by more dominant people
  • I can be too focused on my own concerns

Team Contribution

How I contribute to a team

  • I am excellent at providing background information and research for others
  • I am not demanding of others, so I won’t deflect the attention of the group
  • I’m conscientious and am happy focusing on with my own projects
  • I have respect for the team – but I don’t dominate it or get overly involved socially
  • I may not participate actively in the group
  • I preserve my territory by withdrawing into it, so you could perceive me as unapproachable or unsocial

I am motivated by

I am motivated by

  • Pursuing ideas I am genuinely interested in
  • Freedom from interference
  • Being allowed to develop my expertise in an area of interest
  • Recognising my contribution to the team through my expertise

Working with me

Working with me

  • Be sure of your facts when discussing things with me. Outline relevant research or case histories
  • Create opportunities that allows me to show expertise and to develop my areas specific interests
  • I prefer you to work with me in a professional manner and on a 1:1 basis
  • Agree end goals with me but give me the freedom to as to the method and process
  • Monitor progress by displaying a genuine interest
  • Acknowledge expert knowledge and ability to put this to practical effect

Family: Specialist