• Independent
  • Composed
  • Forthright
  • Disciplined
  • Restrained
  • Astute
  • Reserved
  • Goal-focused
  • Business-like
  • Helpful
  • Mature
  • Responsible
  • Independent Thinking

Word Picture

The descriptions below describe the Traditionalist family and how I like to work.

Word Picture - a snapshot of me

  • I have a cautious, private personal style
  • I can take time to get to know
  • I have a strict code of standards and ethics
  • People say I am implacable on matters of principle
  • I can be intolerant and dismissive
  • I take a more conservative approach and resist experiments, prefering things that are tried and true

Team Contribution

How I contribute to a team

  • I prefer to direct and take charge of a group
  • I have clear idea which are typically well-researched- you may find me hard to convince
  • I’m concerned for the wellbeing of others in the group
  • As I am naturally more cautious I will not lead others into risk
  • I am happy to delegate tasks and direct, but will not yield responsbility
  • People say I am quite demanding and unyiedling

I am motivated by

I am motivated by

  • Defining, implementing and maintaining standards
  • Creating a better society for all
  • Defining and establishing corporate values
  • Delivering a long term plan

Working with me

Working with me

  • Emphasise chance to create a better, more efficient, morally responsible and caring organisation
  • Offer a stable environment and well proven methods
  • Tap into concern for others and maintenance of standards and values
  • Agree exactly what long term goals and objectives are expected
  • Formally monitor progress - so that 'things are done properly'
  • Praise my commitment and loyalty to the team and the volume and quality of my work
  • Expect caution and resistance to take on new challenges until I am ready

Family: Traditionalist